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You’d be surprised how much free money is out there for your business.

We connect your business to utility rebate programs and other incentives so you can get the most out of your electricity bill.

Consistent, Auditable & Scalable

We work with both utility companies and program administrators that offer rebate programs, and the consumers who will benefit from those incentives. Green Solutions, our online service, makes it easier for utility companies to offer energy savings solutions to their customers who adopt newer, more efficient technology and state of the art products. We provide a consistent, auditable, and scalable solution.

Our qualified professionals and certified technicians understand every phase of your project. We are committed to providing what you need when you need it, from design and product procurement to project management, installation, and ongoing services.

Our Advantage

FSG is involved in, and understands, all phases and parts of a utility program. We can offer direct material, labor, design, and administration. And where you want to involve other suppliers and installers, we understand their needs and talk their language.


FSG is no newcomer to serving the needs of Utility Customers. In the late 1980s and throughout the ‘90s, FSG participated in several New Jersey utility programs including RFP89 and the Standard Offer with PSE&G. We have performed Targeted DSM Programs with Consolidated Edison in New York City, and have managed complete programs and exclusive territories for Small Business Direct Install Programs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.


Our vertically integrated, full-service structure allows FSG to offer one of the most cost effective and efficient solutions in the marketplace. Use one service or use them all.

Sales Advantage

FSG's web-based Green Solutions program allows for our team to log on from anywhere and input the data they collect on a survey. Once uploaded, this data will be available for an FSG administer to approve immediately. This step of approving projects has proven to be extremely important in maintaining continuity throughout the program.

Our process allows for both in house and “partner” sales staff to all attend a two-week sales boot camp that provides comprehensive training for consistent results.

FSG has developed a unique sales strategy that allows all customers to understand the program with a clear concise message. From the initial sales introduction to the close, all sales people will present the program the same. This strategy allows for on boarding new sales people quickly and efficiently and gives programs almost infinite scalability.

Labor Advantage

FSG has developed a contractor workbook within our Green Solutions program that is contractor friendly and encourages participation from contractor partners that would not normally participate. It includes fixture types, room breakdowns, material packing lists, cut sheets, installation guides, hours/minutes per ECM and a complete labor purchase order. FSG will train all licensed electricians in the art of lighting retrofit installations and show them how to make a profit doing so.

FSG will hold contractor seminars and training workshops that are often paid for through participating associations and manufacturers, allowing more program dollars to flow towards actual installed measures and lowering the installed cost per kWh.

Product Procurement

As a distributor for all the major lighting manufacturers, FSG will negotiate pricing and take the buying power we have achieved nationally and push through the program. We can negotiate extended warranties for specific programs, and as the warranty service arm for several manufacturers we can insure persistence of installed measures as well as a more pleasant experience for your customers.

FSG's Green Solutions allows for product forecasting that we will purchase in advance and hold as inventory until all the proper documentation is signed and approved. This allows for quicker to market installations and reduces the lag time between signed contracts and complete installations.


FSG Green Solutions compiles all the information to run this program within the background of the system. With simple to use data collection points, the system then takes all the data and generates all the information needed for the customer and the utilities. The energy goals will be in our web-based program in real time, so finding out where the program stands will be at the click of a button.


Green Solutions is a hosted application on the internet where all authorized users have access. Authorized users could include Utility Sponsors, Program Managers, Sales Reps, Project Managers and Sub Contractors.

The program provides real time, on demand, detailed export of information for use with the utility’s existing software, allowing them to maintain their existing systems.

Key Modules

  • Marketing Activities
  • Proposals/Projects
  • Measures
  • Reporting
  • • One source repository for associated documentation including contracts, quotes and approval documentation.
  • • Ability to capture all utility key information such as building type, square footage, SIC, number of employees.
  • • Notes field in the Marketing Activity provides a record of project specific communication between all participants.

This also allows people to communicate real time without having to send an email or pick up the telephone. For example, when a customer wants to communicate a change to a specific project, he puts his comments in the notes field, and an automated email goes out to FSG letting them know to follow up.

The value is accuracy of communication

Green Solutions Proposal

iPad Audit Tool

iPad Audit Tool

Marketing activity - collects data on:

  • Milestones
  • Key Dates
  • Inspections
  • Customer Complaints
  • Corrective Actions
  • • Security controlled access to functionality and reporting so some can view and report while others create projects and proposals.
  • • Utility OR Program Manager (or both independently) can control key milestone dates, approval dates, and more to "control" all marketing activities as they choose.
  • • Standardized measure database bringing simplicity, speed, accuracy, transparency and consistency to all proposals/projects.

Allows for a consistent program, pricing, and measures

  • • Standardized labor units that streamline and speed up labor estimating and procurement (tested and agreed to with over 30 contractors).
  • • While other programs nationally can fix and control material pricing, Green Solutions adds control of the labor component. With a thoroughly developed database we get a buy in from participating installers, (sometimes coupled with training/education) to give the same pricing consistency and value usually associated with product.
  • • Complete automated project management system that reduce errors and costs to setup a budget and purchase materials, increasing accuracy and reducing costs.
  • • Ability to create Fixture Schedule, line by line, packing list and fixture cut sheets automatically for installing contractor and customer, reducing errors and securing contractor buy in on measure pricing.
  • • Double check validation process with Certificate of Completion and Turnover Checklist.
  • • Strong close out ability with turnover process, insuring utility customer’s satisfaction after the sale.
  • • Complete reporting of all details for testing, verification and compliance for both retail savings and BPU protocols and savings.
  • • Provides access to additional information on the FSG database that they do not necessarily want to import, but which adds value day to day.
  • • Custom reporting available to suit program needs.