Facility Solutions Group

The promise of solar energy, delivered by FSG

With a solar system from Facility Solutions Group, you have the power to tap an inexhaustible source of energy. Our mission is providing you with an effective system that meets your specific goals and attains your complete satisfaction. With FSG, solar energy is at your disposal.

Complete Solar Power Services

Your solar project is in good hands with FSG. Every phase is managed and executed by our in-house experts. We will survey, design, build, install, and commission a complete system. From the PV panels to cabling, and from initial estimates to ongoing maintenance and repair, FSG is your single-source provider for total solar power service.

Smart Energy, Smart Business

At FSG, we believe that responsible business is smart business. Solar power represents the epitome of that belief: reduce the load on your local electrical grid, and receive savings on your bills along with credits from rebates and incentives. Our solar experts will show you the savings you can expect, and manage the rebate and incentive process to ensure you realize the refunds you deserve.

Guaranteed Returns

Our commitment to your solar project – and your business's ongoing success – goes beyond our outstanding design, installation, and maintenance services. FSG guarantees all of our solar projects. With FSG, you can be assured of the efficacy of this investment.