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Who is watching your systems?

Energy management and control systems reach their full potential when combined with active, intelligent monitoring. At Facility Solutions Group, our in-house experts and technicians provide that monitoring giving you what you need to make the best operational management decisions.

Vision into Your Systems

With so much data coming out of your building systems, getting a clear picture of what's going inside those systems can be difficult. FSG's trained and certified monitoring experts will take your system data and turn it into useable information, so you get the whole picture.

Improve Management Practices

Our monitoring technologies allow you to see and manage system events and alarms, providing for quicker response times that can prevent small problems from growing into serious catastrophes. Monitoring also enables you to stay on top of the comfort and safety settings of your business and buildings, allowing for smarter energy use and a more enjoyable work environment.

Informed Operational Decisions

At FSG, we strongly believe in the fundamental promise of systems monitoring through Clarity: a system of detailed reporting that helps your business make informed operational decisions. Combining energy management and control systems with FSG's smart monitoring services is the key to smart business.