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The future is now

The LED lamp is here, and it’s better than ever. From retrofit lamps to new fixtures, LED lighting is the standard and the standard is good. Facility Solutions Group is your trusted advisor for the solutions that best fit your circumstances.

Less Energy, Better Light

LED lighting not only offers the benefit of lower energy consumption, but also the advantage of better light. Sharper details, more vivid colors, and better light distribution are just some of the benefits LED lighting can bring to your space.

From Legacy to Limitless

Whether you need a traditional base lamp for a retrofit or a unique fixture for a specialty application, the latest LED lighting options are virtually limitless. Better microchip designs and heat management have merged to create a smaller lamp and a more efficient technology. Designs that resemble the legacy lamp look and feel allow you to keep the same fixtures, if you so desire, without costly fixture retrofitting.

Rebates Can Make it a Reality

LED lamps are more affordable than ever. Couple that with rebates and incentive programs offered by utilities and LED lamps go from being affordable to being downright cheap. FSG is constantly looking for the best rebates in every market. If there is a rebate or incentive for LED lamps or fixtures, FSG will find it and help you capitalize on it.