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Facility Solutions Group

Valuable logistics and extraordinary care

No solution is complete without first procuring the right components, nor is it complete without competent and friendly continuing support. Facility Solutions Group solves these areas with our network of Master Distribution Centers, and our dedicated Customer Care Center. Every phase of your project matters, and every phase is in good hands with FSG.

We Love Our Business

FSG relies on our Customer Care Center (CCC) and Master Distribution Centers (MDC) to deliver the products and supplies that power all of our tailor-made solutions. Completing the supply chain, from manufacturer to end user, is always a prospect fraught with potential problems. Our CCC and MDC teams love helping our customers navigate through and beyond these difficulties.

We Love Helping Customers

At FSG's Customer Care Center and Master Distribution Centers, our guiding philosophy is that we love helping customers and we want them to always have a great buying experience, from the time they place an order to the moment their product is installed and improving their business. The FSG CCC and MDC teams live in the details so you don't have to, and you can trust that your order – and your business – is always secure with Facility Solutions Group.

The Difference is the Details

Our MDCs carry a much larger inventory than normal warehouses, ensuring that more orders can be filled immediately upon placement, minimizing backorder delays. Each shipment undergoes a triple-accuracy check, and items are packaged in boxes created right there in the shipping center in order to provide a perfect fit that reduces shipping costs and potential for damage in transit. Every member of our CCC and MDC teams plays a vital role in making FSG's supply chain perform at its best.