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We sell lighting to businesses

We sell every kind of lighting product you can imagine and we’ll ship those lighting products to just about anywhere you’d like!

Turn on the Lights with FSG

Light makes all the difference. A retail environment can be transformed from mundane to inspired. Office spaces can benefit from the enhanced productivity that quality, comfortable lighting provides. From LED lamps to complete fixture packages, and architectural lighting to emergency signs, FSG knows it all and provides it all.

The Best Products, the Best Service

We represent the newest and brightest in lighting and electrical manufacturers. We are not bound to any one supplier, placing us in a prime position to deliver the products and supplies that best fit your unique challenge. Our network of Master Distribution Centers provides for prompt, efficient delivery.

Delivering Our Promises

FSG knows that our ability to provide the best products and solutions is only as good as our ability to deliver the best products and solutions. A nationwide network of Master Distribution Centers supports FSG's branches and local warehouses, enabling customers throughout our service area to get the products they need when they need them. FSG's Perfect Order Index is our quality measurement system designed to ensure every part of your order is accurate and timely.

Howdy Honda LED Lighting Retrofit