Facility Solutions Group The FSG Difference

The FSG Difference

What does FSG mean to you? Why should you choose FSG for your project? Who is FSG, and how do we separate ourselves from our competitors?

Let's answer that last question first.

What is FSG, and what separates us from our competitors?

Facility Solutions Group (FSG) opened our doors 35 years ago as a wholesale lighting supplier. Over the years, we have grown to incorporate multiple areas of expertise, from lighting to electrical construction and services, technology services, energy management, and signage solutions. With this broad range of capabilities, FSG offers our customers the time- and money-saving advantages of a single-source provider, designing, fabricating, installing, supporting, and servicing turnkey solutions that lower ownership costs both now and throughout the solution’s usable life. We supply and support products and solutions from a vast array of manufacturers, meaning we are not limited in what we can offer.

Our first and last goal is to create the solution that matches your unique situation.

Why should you choose FSG for your project?

6,300 restaurant sites located across all fifty States need lighting retrofits, combined with energy control technologies, to improve aesthetics and reduce overall energy consumption and cost. A start-up just moved into their first office and needs a conference room to impress potential clients, and a security system to protect their investment. An 80,000-seat stadium needs a complete reworking of its external signs to market their brand and their sponsors to a national audience.

FSG is perfect for all of these projects because FSG has done all of these projects.

What does FSG mean to you?

Our nationwide network of distribution centers; 2,300 employees and 2,000 service partners throughout all fifty States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; more than 30 years of experience, knowledge and success; a fundamental commitment to the importance of guiding, serving, and supporting our customers; and an unswerving determination to be at the leading edge of our industry. What these things mean is that Facility Solutions Group is the first choice, the smartest choice, and the right choice to trust with your project.

Talk with us, and let us show you what FSG can do for you!