From edge to enterprise

From edge to enterprise

With Clarity, Facility Solutions Group makes it easy to manage facilities both large and small, reducing your overall energy, maintenance, and operational expenses. Since Clarity makes it easier to understand and react to the systems operating your facilities, the time and resources devoted to reactive maintenance are greatly reduced.


Single Point of Contact


National Master Distribution


24 Hour Service


Cutting Edge Technology


Nationwide & Right Next Door


Great results start with great design. We have the experts and expertise to design your Clarity solution. Whether you need an all-new system or need to bring Clarity to an existing system, FSG is ready to go to work for you.


The whole is stronger than its parts. Clarity integrates all the parts and pieces that power your organization to deliver strength through synchronized and efficient operation. By integrating Clarity, disparate systems suddenly reveal new life and new savings opportunities when they start to work together.


Because FSG operates in all fifty States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, we have the technicians, the tools, and the systems in place to manage your installation project from one site to thousands of sites. Our proven national experience is just one of the reasons some of the nation’s largest companies trust FSG.


Data in the Clarity platform comes to life through FSG's full-service state-of-the-art monitoring center. Trained HVAC technicians and Clarity; solution center staff members monitor and respond to the system communications from your sites.

Ongoing Commissions

Site-level data becomes real information that results in ongoing optimization, scheduling, and troubleshooting; all designed to help you reduce your overall operating costs while maintaining comfort and security. Ongoing Commissioning is a critical component to maintaining your system's optimal savings.