FSG | What Works With Clarity™?

Welcome to Clarity

FSG's Clarity product automates your building's systems so that you can automatically save energy. With our unified interface, you can manage all of your buildings in one easy-to-use console.

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What Works with Clarity?

Works With Clarity


Serial Drivers


Wireless Technologies


Proprietary Systems


Compatible Devices

Because we customize your Clarity solution   for your exact business needs, we've developed the "Works with Clarity" program to ensure continued stability and maximum functionality. Our "Works with Clarity" partners assist our developers and support personnel to craft, build and maintain unique solutions that fit the needs of our customers.

Compatible Technologies Include:

enOcean works with Clarity(TM)
modBus works with Clarity(TM)
bacNet works with Clarity(TM)
wifi works with Clarity(TM)
zWave works with Clarity(TM)
zigbee works with Clarity(TM)
bluetooth works with Clarity(TM)
LonWorks works with Clarity(TM)