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ATT Stadium

Location: Arlington, Texas

Type of Contract: Sign Fabrication and Installation

Contract Amount: $5,500,000

Contractor: Manhattan

Signs Contractor: Facility Solution

FSG provided turnkey signage services for both the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T in one of the largest ever re-brandings of a sporting venue.


In 2008, the Dallas Cowboys were preparing to open their new Cowboys Stadium, located in Arlington, Texas. They required an extensive signage installation for both the stadium and the surrounding parking lots. In 2013, AT&T acquired naming rights to the stadium, and rechristened the complex AT&T Stadium. A complete re-branding of the facility was therefore necessary. For both of these immense projects, the Cowboys and AT&T looked to the FSG Signs team from Facility Solutions Group.


The size, scope, and grandeur of the facility demanded the signage installation and re-branding both reflect the stadium’s immense scale, while also retaining the refinement of a world-class sporting venue. In the 2008 project, FSG outfitted numerous parking lots with wayfinding and directional signage. The interior of the stadium, some three million square feet, posed an even greater challenge. Wayfinding and ADA signage and plaques were emplaced, along with sponsored signs for brands such as Ford and Miller Lite.
For the 2013 re-branding, FSG Signs designed, fabricated, and installed the rooftop logos and lettering that properly turned Cowboys Stadium into AT&T Stadium. The task was filled with tight deadlines and extraordinary engineering challenges, but the FSG team delivered.
At the conclusion of both the 2008 and 2013 projects, all parties concerned were pleased with the results. Since then, FSG has gone on to brand and re-brand other NFL stadiums and sporting venues, both for AT&T and other sponsoring organizations.

Project Details

  • Contract Amount: $5,500,000

  • Contract Type: Sign Fabrication and Installation

  • Contractor: Manhattan

  • Signs Contractor: Facility Solution

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