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Public Service Enterprise Group

Location: PSE&G Service Territory

Type of Contract: Program Management

Contract Amount: $74,000,000

Contractor: Facility Solutions Group

Public Service Enterprise Group awarded FSG the management of their Small Business Direct Install Program.


Public Service Electric & Gas designed the Small Business Direct Install Program to help their customers upgrade to energy efficient lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration systems. Not only would PSE&G customers benefit from lower energy bills, but PSE&G would be able to reduce the total demand on their power grid. The program was available to PSE&G customers throughout their service territory, and would cover the customer’s installation costs, with only a fraction being re-paid. All that was needed was a contractor.


FSG Electric in New Jersey was awarded program management, sales, material supply, and installation responsibility throughout the entirety of the PSE&G service territory. PSE&G funded the program with nearly $50 million for small business, municipal, county, and state customers. FSG provided all necessary material, products, and labor to install energy efficient lights, lighting controls, refrigeration controls, HVAC technology, drives, motors, and commercial appliances. The program began in 2009, and was renewed in 2012 with an additional $25 million in funding.

Project Details

  • Contract Amount: $74,000,000

  • Contract Type: Program Management

  • Contractor: Facility Solutions Group

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