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Big Projects without Big Headaches

Managing Products, Price, Labor and Logistics when you measure your facility in square miles instead of square feet.

Commercial facility operators know the challenges of upgrading their facility and facility systems. Finding the right products, the right contractors, the right pricing and creating a schedule that keeps your facility productive all get in the way and makes a facility operator’s job more difficult than it should be.

However, operators of large facilities like rail yards and airports, have a whole different set of challenges on top of the regular ones that come with the sheer size and scale of these facilities. Not only do these operators have to deal with the traditional issues of price, products, labor, and logistics but they have to do it for a facility that is typically measured in square miles as opposed to square feet!

This was the exact challenge one of America’s largest rail operators faced when they took on the opportunity to upgrade their facility lighting systems to cost-saving LED. The size and scale of the yards, shops, and logistics demanded that they not only needed to find the right product solution, but they needed the right partner to handle it all.

FSG worked with this national rail operator to guide them to the right products for their needs and built a plan to install those products at their facilities. The scale of the individual projects was enormous and the fact that there were multiple sizeable projects within the organization made demands that most contractors couldn’t handle.

FSG has now successfully designed, developed and delivered multiple lighting upgrade projects across a wide range of facilities in this rail operator’s real-estate portfolio. Each project has presented unique challenges, but the results have been worth it for both the customer and FSG!

This video takes a look at what it took, how it was delivered, and why it mattered.

Click Here to watch a video on this project and to learn more about how FSG tackled the project, but more importantly about what the customer got from the project!