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Negative Attitude Negates Aptitude

Who you Hire Matters

When it comes to electrical service, hiring the right electrician can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from, how do you know you’re getting the right one?

Recently, I had to hire an electrician for a commercial project for my church. It was a simple project—use existing conduit under a parking lot to run three new circuits about 150 feet for a new electronic sign and landscape lighting. The task was pretty straight forward, however, when the technicians began pulling through the existing conduit—they hit a snag.

Quite literally.

You see, the conduit had been installed nine years earlier, and even though it was empty, there was no way to know what kind of condition it was in under ground without using a camera. What the technicians found was that about 50 or so feet into the conduit, they were getting stuck, and they didn’t know why. They worked the problem and eventually made the decision to do the pull from the other direction. This ended up being the correct solution and the pull went smoothly. The rest of the project was completed and no other issues were found.

The interesting thing about this experience was how the technicians conducted themselves under the stress of being confronted with a problem. They didn’t throw a fit, get frustrated, or swear. They simply worked the issue, talked it through as a team, and kept trying until they had it. The temperature outside on the asphalt was easily close to 100 degrees, and the pull, that should have taken about 30 minutes, ended up taking close to two hours.

When I spoke to the facility manager for the church after the job was completed, he told me that, despite the problems, the electricians were the most professional he had ever had on the property and he would definitely have them out again for future work and repairs.

The lesson is that while aptitude is critical to making sure a job is done correctly, just as critical is attitude. The truth is that just about any commercial electrician could have completed the job and overcome the same challenges in about the same amount of time, but not many would have handled with the kind of grace and dignity these technicians handled the situation.

It’s an often overlooked component when choosing the right partner to work with on a project, but the truth is that the right attitude, or wrong attitude for that matter, can be just as big a determiner of the outcome of a project as anything else.

The next time you're faced with choosing who to hire for a project, consider asking them about a challenge they faced recently and how they overcame it? How they answer that question could tell you a lot about how much that project you’re considering hiring them for will truly cost you!

Brannon Bourland

Director of Marketing

Brannon began his career at FSG in 2012 writing and preparing content for FSG’s communication department. In a world where the story sells, Brannon quickly found his stories and projects being used in sales presentations and thus began his transition from internal communications to marketing and sales.

Brannon works with one of the best teams any marketing professional could ask for to create and deliver dynamic sales and marketing materials to FSG sales teams nationwide. Brannon lives with his wife and four children in the Houston area. When away from his work Brannon speaks publicly for non-profit youth organizations with an emphasis on foster care and youth development. When not doing that, Brannon enjoys camping with his family and going to Disney World with his kids.

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