2017 Christmas Message
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2017 Christmas Message

This is my sixth Christmas at FSG, and every year I, along with my team mate, Brent Young, sit down with our CEO, Bill Graham, to hear and record his thoughts on this special time of year.

For me, this is one of my favorite productions of the year, not necessarily because of its size and grandeur, but more because of its simplicity and humility.

One thing I’ve come to learn working for FSG over the years is that this company has a deep passion to fulfill its mission statement that reads, “to willingly contribute to the quality of life of its employees, partners, and customers”.

This year as we sat around the small conference table at the FSG’s corporate offices in Austin, the conversation wasn’t focused on dollars and cents, but rather on people and thanksgiving.

It is a unique honor to be able to sit down with the executive leadership of any company and hear their hearts at this special time of year. It’s an even greater honor to be trusted to share it.

From all of us at FSG, Merry Christmas. May a spirit of peace and thanksgiving be on you and yours and may the blessings of the new year be bountiful!

Click here to listen to the Christmas Message.

Brannon Bourland

Director of Marketing

Brannon began his career at FSG in 2012 writing and preparing content for FSG’s communication department. In a world where the story sells, Brannon quickly found his stories and projects being used in sales presentations and thus began his transition from internal communications to marketing and sales.

Brannon works with one of the best teams any marketing professional could ask for to create and deliver dynamic sales and marketing materials to FSG sales teams nationwide. Brannon lives with his wife and four children in the Houston area. When away from his work Brannon speaks publically for non-profit youth organizations with an emphasis on foster care and youth development. When not doing that, Brannon enjoys camping with his family and going to Disney World with his kids.

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