Full Stack Integrator FSG Energy Delivers Complete Energy Solutions
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Full Stack Integrator FSG Energy Delivers Complete Energy Solutions

Since it was first discovered, the biggest challenge man has faced is not just how to create electricity, but also how to harness and manage it. For Michael Gilbert, he’s seen a lot of advancements in the electrical and energy management trades over his 25 plus year career at FSG. However, in his most recent role as a business developer for FSG’s Energy team in Round Rock Texas, he’s had a chance to really get involved in some of the newest and most advanced technologies that are making harnessing more efficient than ever!

Michael recently sat down for an interview with Supurb Crew to offer his insights into what it means to be a full stack integrator in the Energy Management discipline.

FSG Energy is a full stack integrator, from design to installation to service, and they support their customers for the systems complete life cycle. The company’s energy management system, Clarity™, allows for real-time monitoring and analysis, giving their clients the vision and flexibility to maximize control and maintenance spend. Below is our interview with Michael Gilbert, Head of Business Development at FSG Energy.

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