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Navigating the Rebate Landscape

It's no secret that running a successful small business in today's political and economic climate is no simple task. Today's small business owners have to balance tighter regulations, greater financial burdens, and more demanding customers all while making less profit than ever before on their goods and services.

It's also no secret that the United States is using more electricity than ever before. Aging infrastructure, lack of land resources, and a push for less dependence on these valuable resources means that for some parts of the country, making more electricity isn't an option. Instead, the only real choice is finding ways to use less.

So how do you do that?

Well you start by figuring out who is using the most electricity and focus on finding a way to get them to use less. For a lot of the electrical utility providers in the United States, small to medium businesses are using most of the generated electricity. So how can electrical utility providers get small businesses to use less electricity? By finding ways to incentivize efficiency and relieve some of the pain associated with higher operating costs and lower margins. Utility rebates and incentives have been around for a long time, in the last ten years have they landed in the mainstream business culture. While rebates of past were very specific, meant to promote single purchases, and stimulate short term economic growth, rebates today are designed to be used on bigger, broader projects that promote more long term economic and environmental sustainability. By providing these bigger rebate opportunities, electrical utility providers are finding more sustainable load relief on their power grids while small business owners are getting much needed operational cost relief, and thus the solution.

However, the plan, as sound as it is, isn't without its sticking points. After all, bigger rebates on bigger projects, can mean bigger complications. This is where Jack Alemdia of FSG's Utility Program Department comes in. Jack, and his team of rebate management specialists have made it their business to understand the rebate business for small businesses. From managing qualifications to identifying available products and services that can be obtained, the team knows how to navigate the rebate landscape. As a department of FSG's Utility Services, the Utility Program department brings experience from the small business side, and the utility provider side, to provide a unique understanding of exactly how small businesses and utilities can work together through various rebate programs so that the business and provider will be sustainable in the long run.

When asked what the end goal was for FSG's Utility Program team Jack says, "We want to be the "go-to" company in the utility programs market, delivering savings and demand reduction to utilities, administrators, and end users."

So, is it working?

All indications say yes! The number of Small Business Direct Install programs is on the rise as utilities are seeing the benefit and utility customers feeling the relief. Today, FSG is a part of multiple utility programs from Connecticut to Mississippi to California, and that number keeps growing! When asked about growth, Jack says, "Our top performer reputation, combined with our full understanding of the national Small Business Program market, our Utility and Utility Energy Efficiency Administrators relationships, and best practices approach, positions FSG to continue to capture market share in the SBDI program market."

Each program added to the FSG portfolio, brings more knowledge and opportunity to the FSG team, thus bringing greater value to the utilities that trust FSG to run the programs, and the end users that rely on FSG to help them capture the savings.

The rebate landscape can be tricky to navigate, but it isn't impossible. From start to finish, FSG is committed to being the partner small business owners can count on to help them find their way to savings.

At FSG we're committed to being the best in our business, so you can be the best in yours.
To learn more about FSG, FSG Utility Services and FSG's Utility Program team, visit us at www.fsgi.com.

Jack Almeida

Director Utility Programs

Jack is a veteran of the energy efficiency industry with more than 35 years of experience working for utilities, public agencies, and energy service companies. While at the New York Power Authority (23 years), he helped create and manage a $100 million annual Energy Services Program, which provided energy efficiency retrofits for NYPA’s NYC and NY State governmental customers. He was also the Director of Business Development for AECOM Energy focused on the NJ and PA energy services markets. He has served as Program Director for energy services companies developing, managing and implementing multiple Small Business Direct Install Programs nationally.

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