Facility Solutions Group 2018 Christmas Message
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2018 Christmas Message

In the hustle of a busy Christmas season, it can be easy to lose focus on that which matters the most.

When people lose that important focus on the reason for the season, the stress of the season tends to creep in and rob us of the joy of the season.

For more than 35 years, FSG has grown with the primary goal of keeping the things that are most important in focus and in front of the business.

By loving Christ, accepting Him, and sharing Him with others, FSG leaders and team members across the country have found opportunity not only to grow the business, but to grow others.

This season, our prayer is that you will find peace in the words of Bill Graham as he shares his Christmas message of joy, peace, and hope!

May your Christmas be merry and your 2019 blessed!

“The world doesn’t need more preachers in the pulpit. It needs more ministers in the marketplace.” Ray Edwards.

Click here to listen to the Christmas Message.