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Facility Solutions Group

What Do We Do?

Most businesses don’t realize how much money they might be hemorrhaging with inefficient lighting and electrical systems. At FSG we design and build lighting and electrical systems that cost less to operate so businesses can put more money in the bank.

How Do We Do It?

Lighting Experts

Lighting is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to not only improve the look of your business but also reduce the costs associated with operating your business. With LED lighting, your businesses can reduce its energy consumption and electric bills by 40% or more! Add lighting controls like motion sensors, timers, or dimming functionality to that and that 40% savings can gets even bigger. FSG sells every kind of lamp, fixture, or lighting control you can imagine to help your business find savings and long term value in your operation so you can invest more in growing your business.

Electrical Contractor

The wrong electrician can cost your business money! Poorly performed work can damage a building and your business. Knowing who to trust to perform this delicate work can be hard. FSG hires the best electricians and contractors and gives them the right tools and training to make sure your businesses electrical challenges are answered the right way, the first time. After all, we’re business owners too and we know how we want our buildings and people taken care of. We expect our electricians and technicians to treat your business the way we would want ours treated. By sticking to this philosophy, FSG has been able to secure its spot as the number 13 electrical contractor in the U.S. according to EC&M Magazine. This means you’re getting one of the best in the business and that means you can focus on being one of the best in your business!

Technology Integrators

When it comes to having the best technology for your business it’s easy to get lost in the jargon and hype. This can lead to buying things you don’t need or paying too much for things you do! FSG prides itself on keeping it straightforward and bringing the right technology solutions to your business. From the network cable in the walls, to the displays and sound systems in your board rooms, FSG helps you find the best solutions to your biggest technology challenges and then makes it easy to integrate those solutions into your business. In doing this, FSG give you the freedom to spend less time worrying about your technology and more time using that technology to take care of your customers!

Signage Professionals

Choosing the right sign for your business can be difficult. Choosing the right sign company to build that sign can be frustrating. FSG brings sign solutions to businesses big and small and we make it easy to get the sign you need so your business can grow. Our fabrication facility in Austin will design and build your next great sign project. Our team of installers makes sure it looks good in front of your business.

Utility Services

It’s no secret that the electric bill can be one of the most dreaded pieces of mail a business can receive each month. However, what you may not know is that a lot of electric utility providers offer rebates and incentives that may be able to help lower those electric bills. Our Utility Services team helps businesses find savings opportunities in their electric bills by identifying rebates and incentives that align with energy saving projects. We take it a step further by putting our designers and electricians to work implementing those energy saving projects in your business so that you can qualify for every electric rebate and incentive possible making those electric bills a little bit easier to open each month.

Energy Management Partners

One of the biggest challenges businesses with multiple locations or buildings face is managing the use of electricity in those businesses or buildings. The reason for this is pretty simple, most of a business’s employees are focused on the products and services that business offers and not on how efficient or inefficiently the building is that they are working in. This can create a lot of stress for the person whose job it is to care about how much energy a business is using. FSG understands this problem and brings Clarity, our ecosystem of products and services tailored to help your business save money. In short Clarity, when installed in a building, helps businesses save money by controlling lights, HVAC systems, and other energy consuming equipment. Clarity also helps businesses predict equipment failures and can even troubleshoot failures from our monitoring center that is staffed by certified HVAC and mechanical technicians. To make it even simpler—Clarity cares for your buildings even if the people inside of them don’t.

We’ve been doing it a while

FSG was started in 1982 with the purpose of finding a better way to deliver lighting products to customers. Over the years, the business has adapted and grown, but the focus has remained the same, help customers run more efficient buildings by designing and installing better lighting and electrical systems. Today, FSG employs more than 2000 employees and works with hundreds of vendors and suppliers to make life better for our customers.